About Me

I am a passionate art director with 7+ years of experience in print, web, and interactive design. My greatest strength is my ability to design from the ground up, starting with a foundation of compelling ideas and dynamic concepts.

I am able to work in a variety of styles, from sleek, minimalist design to quirky, playful design. I enjoy conceptualizing and designing to fit the specific needs of every client. I push boundaries. I am a skilled leader. I come up with crazy ideas that hit the brief on the nose, and I enjoy working on a team and learning from others around me.

I currently reside in Chicago, but I have also lived in Brooklyn and Seattle. Each city has a very different design culture, and I consider myself an amalgamation of all of them. In Brooklyn, I graduated from Pratt Institute where I learned about the importance of conceptualization. With a foundation in fine art, I learned to embrace critique and to be inspired by others around me. Through working with a variety of clients in NYC, I learned that the visual language of every company is unique, and it is important to morph my designs to fit the specific needs of every client. In Seattle, I worked with a few tech clients, and I developed my love for sleek, minimalist design. Seattle taught me the importance of UI/UX, and I soaked in as much knowledge about it as I could. I am still learning every day, but Chicago has taught me about work-life balance, and I plan on staying here for the long term.

Outside of work, I love to sing, write music, draw, read, and listen to podcasts. I am obsessed with sci-fi and horror. I enjoy ghost stories and true crime. Every weekend, you will find me at an estate sale, garage sale, or a flea market. My entire apartment was furnished with second-hand items, and it was featured on Apartment Therapy. I am a passionate person with many hobbies.

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